10 Best Email Testing Tools for Marketers and Developers

It is critical to test emails using email testing tools if you are sending them. You’ve most likely spent a lot of time writing a copy and fine-tuning your email template. However, sending emails without effective testing leads you to errors such as emails that do not display properly in some email clients, emails that end up in spam folders, and strange formatting in your email design.

Mailnest is a robust email testing tool that allows IT teams and developers to test their emails and improve the quality of the tested emails. Users can access the test emails in a single place. And helping to avoid accidental forwarding of test emails to real customers. We have listed the best email testing tools for you to easily compare and check which suits you the best.

Email testing tools for marketers

1. Litmus

Litmus is an easy-to-use email marketing tool that helps to improve marketers’ performance. The platform includes a variety of simple tools that a team needs to create high-converting emails and get the best out of their marketing strategies.  Teams can discuss, remark, and collect feedback in one place with Litmus. Moreover, they can automate dozens of time-consuming pre-send operations into a single checklist. The software also helps users to check their subject lines, run spam tests, and even preview emails on more than 90 apps. The software helps businesses to improve their real-time personalization and segmentation capabilities.


  • AB Testing
  • Audience Targeting
  • Campaign Management
  • Customizable Templates
  • Real-Time Analytics

2. Email on Acid

Email on Acid is an email pre-deployment tool that enables companies to send emails, increase marketing ROI, and protect their brand reputation all at the same time. Companies can use the platform to improve their email pre-deployment checklists. As a result, the brand may send error-free emails with just a click of a button. The platform offers a variety of click-to-fix tools that match users’ particular requirements, from ADA compliance checks to validating and replacing first names of animated GIFs. Companies use Email on Acid and also have access to blocklist domain and spam tests, which help them increase email deliverability rates quickly. Users can test their IP address against the most common blocklist services and check their emails against the 23 most popular spam filters.


  • Campaign Management
  • Click Tracking
  • Mobile Optimized Emails
  • Template Management
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance

3. Preview my Email

It’s one of the most modern and adaptable alternatives for anyone who wants their email campaign to function as intended. You can monitor your customers’ email behaviors, such as email opens, open durations in seconds, geolocations, email clients used, and whether the email is printed or shared with a friend. This information will give your email marketing efforts a huge boost in the future. In less than a minute, you’ll get actual screenshots of your email in all of the most popular email clients. We realize the importance of email marketing, but even more significantly, we understand the importance of doing email marketing in the right way. Your email marketing campaign may fail if your email content is poorly designed.


  • Email Design Testing
  • Email Analytics
  • White-Label API

4. Inbox Inspector

Watch how your marketing strategy generates higher returns than ever before with Inbox Inspector. Customize any of the 500+ predesigned templates or create a new one from scratch to generate content that your viewers won’t be able to ignore. You can also choose from over 1,000 free iStock photos to add a professional touch to your email. Inbox Inspector allows you to create emails that look perfect on any device so that your emails are always perfectly formatted. Its Perfect Timing feature ensures that your message reaches your recipients at the optimal time so that it is never lost or buried among other emails.


  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • SMS marketing
  • Email analytics
  • Website visitor tracking

5. PutsMail

Before sending your HTML emails, make sure they’re working. Once you’ve run a few tests using Litmus PutsMail, check out Litmus’ complete email testing suite to make sure your emails are on-brand and error-free for your subscribers. Litmus allows you to test and preview your emails in 90+ email clients—including Dark Mode—all in one place, helping you to get more out of them. In a matter of seconds. For marketers, Litmus is the top email optimization and collaboration service. Litmus improves marketing performance and strategy, offering higher subscriber engagement, from pre-send campaign development and testing to post-send analytics for future content improvement.


  • A/B Testing
  • Improvement Recommendations
  • Reporting / Analytics
  • IP Blacklist Checking
  • Spam Testing

Email testing tools for developers

1. Mailnest

Mailnest is a powerful email testing tool that allows IT, teams and developers, to test emails and improve the quality of testing emails. The tool allows users to collect all of their test emails in a single place. Mailnest is helping to avoid the accidental forwarding of test emails to real customers and users. IT teams can set up a virtual SMTP server within 2 minutes with Mailnest. They can even analyze several scenarios without creating different IDs or databases. Developers are also offered access to the real-time source code of the emails, where they get to check if everything is up to the mark or not.  Also, the tool comes with an error mode that can be used to emulate various types of errors. Mailnest takes care of the entire email testing process so that users can invest their complete focus on their particular tasks.


  • Development email sandbox
  • Spam score checker
  • Device compatibility checker
  • SMTP server error simulator
  • Email source code checker


2. Mailtrap

Mailtrap is an SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) testing software that allows users to check and correct their email samples before sending them to clients. The software has a specific environment for users to conduct email testing, allowing them to ensure that the contents of sent emails are perfect. It performs continuous and comprehensive inspections on the users’ domain, informs them on how to get through spam filters. Within Mailtrap, businesses can test and improve each component of their messaging. They can also inspect HTML to verify that the emails created are compatible with the most widely used email clients. Members of the team can discuss and share a variety of ideas. They can also invite customers to their inbox to show them how far a project has progressed. Users can also divide projects with just two clicks by creating new inboxes.


  • Email Tracking
  • Recipient Validation
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Spam Discovery
  • Bounce Rate Analysis

 3. Mailosaur

Mailosaur is an email testing tool that allows users to test emails for any type of website, application, or product. With Mailosaur, you can create and test products, as well as automate email tests using the Cypress and Selenium frameworks. Using their existing language or a test framework, Mailosaur allows development and QA teams to record, test, and analyze SMS and email conversations. With Mailosaur’s advanced tools and features, you can catch issues, pinpoint defects in the workflow such as password resets before release or account activation, and perform manual testing. To integrate the results into the existing test framework, users can create a new email account for each project, test run, or group member. With Mailosaur, users may create cell numbers that can execute end-to-end process testing, such as security verification checks and password resets. You can also choose your own email domain to avoid accidentally emailing genuine customers.


  • Email Testing
  • SMS Testing
  • Customer Libraries
  • Virtual SMTP Waiters
  • Spam Analysis

 4. testmail.app

testmail.app is an automated email testing tool for businesses that helps them to test new user signups, transactional emails, spam scores, and more. It verifies emails, passwords, sign-ins, and other information to test new user signups. In addition, testmail.app analyzes transactional and drip emails. It also verifies the delivery and spam scores to test the email was successfully delivered. An inbuilt API within the same supports the parsing, receiving, spam-testing, and indexing of the customer’s emails for easy retrieval, removing the possibility of any email ending up in the spam folder. It allows you to query emails using JSON API or the advanced Graph API. Businesses can also use any language or environment, including CI/CD pipelines, to use the HTTP or GraphQL client of their choice. Testmail.app also makes it simple for numerous team members to collaborate on email testing, user monitoring, and project management.


  • Advanced search (e.g. wildcard match in email body)
  • Integrates with CI/CD workflows
  • Advanced search (e.g. wildcard match in email body)
  • Spam scoring and SpamAssassin reports
  • Live queries (API waits to receive email before responding)

 5. MailSlurp

MailSlurp is a smart and advanced email testing tool that allows you to evaluate the most important aspects of email sending. It helps the user to test transactional emails more efficiently and programmatically. By sending actual emails to real email addresses, MailSlurp allows you to evaluate basic user engagement. End-to-end email testing can be used to identify any problems and ensure that the email is sent to the appropriate recipient. This tool can also be used to test entire email capabilities, such as sending and receiving emails through REST from random inboxes. Users can create an unlimited number of email accounts, each with auto-forwarding, webhooks, and routing options that can be set up in code or online. You may send template emails to contact groups and measure how many times they’ve been opened using real email addresses, as well as test user authentication, forgotten passwords, and email verification.


  • Testing Management
  • Attachments
  • Monthly get mail server records
  • Monthly inboxes
  • Monthly receive

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