10 things to check in email before sending it out to real customers

When we manually send an email we check the email multiple times to make sure that it is good and conveys the right information. But when we send emails from applications, how much time do we spend checking on the contents of the email? More often than not we tend to release the features faster than to check the contents of the email being sent. The features do not even matter unless the communication you sent makes sense. Hence it is very important to check the emails going out from the application before moving to the production environment.

1. Spelling Checks

This is one of the most important checks you need to do before sending the email as it can affect your reputation as a brand and also if the spelling error is critical, it can even convey the wrong message. So make sure that the email is checked carefully for any spell errors.

2. Broken Links

You might give a link for a discount coupon or other important links in the email. But if the link is broken it creates more displeasure for the user and it might be really annoying for the users. You might even lose that prospect due to this simple mistake. Hence it is very important to make sure that all the links are working properly.

3. Design Checks

You have created a killer of an email and somehow when the email reached the user’s inbox, the whole formatting went off. That is not an ideal situation for you to be in. You need to make sure that the design of the email is as intended after the coding is done.

4. Check Attachments

How many times have you received an email saying something is attached but you don’t see any files? That happens quite often. But you don’t want that to happen when you are sending emails from your applications. So please make sure all the intended attachments are safely attached to your emails before the application is live. Also, one more thing you need to check would be the formats of some attachments as some email clients don’t support specific formats. You need to check that and make sure that the formats you are sending are supported by m majority of the email clients.

5. Multiple Email Client Checks

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where all the people use the same email client to check their emails. Each of the email clients has its own set of rules when displaying emails. We have to make sure that all the emails look good in the majority of the email clients. At least 95% of the market should be able to view our well-crafted emails without any hiccups.

6. Content Check

This is a step we often miss in email checking. We need to check if our content delivers the right message. If the content can be misconstrued, our brand can have serious reputation issues. So make sure that the content is good and it doesn’t hurt any community in any manner.

7. Check Font Style

Font style is an important factor in delivering the right message. If the font style is unreadable, people won’t understand what we are trying to say and they can get annoyed. So, we need to select a good and proven font styling that works for everyone.

8. Subject Line and Sender Name

If a person opens an email, it is because of the Subject line and the Sender. We don’t open emails which don’t have a compelling subject line. The only possibility where we open an email with a poor subject line is when it is from a person we know. The subject line has to be concise and the user should be able to understand what the email is regarding. Also, the sender name is critical as it makes the user comfortable in opening the email.

9. Unsubscribe Option

We might be sending emails to people who have subscribed to a list. But people change their minds frequently and we should have an option to unsubscribe from our emails. It is very important as if we don’t give them that option, they would take worse action by marking us spam.

10. Call to Actions

Call to Action is one of the important parts of email checking as it drives the users to take action. You need to make sure that proper Calls to Actions are provided in the emails wherever required to drive that user action. Also please make sure that the links and function of the CTAs work properly before you move into production.

In this article, we have gone through various aspects of an email that needs to be checked before you move your application to the production environment. It would also be useful to use some fake SMTP server like Mailnest to do your email testing in the development environment as many of the checks can be easily performed in Mailnest. Please let me know if you do any other email checking methods before sending out emails so that I can add to this list and it will help more people.

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