5 Reasons why developers should test emails before sending them

Developers and QA teams spend a lot of time testing the functionality of the groundbreaking application they have created.  After hours of rigorous testing and bug fixing, they release their application to the world and find that issues with email are causing customers not to come in to use their application or unsubscribe to their emails immediately. Emails are the customer-facing medium in most applications today and hence it is very important to have them tested before releasing them to the world of opportunities. Here we go through why developers and QA teams should test emails going out from the application.

1. Broken Links

Many a time we receive transactional emails on our system and when clicking on a link, we receive no response at all. This dampens the whole experience and we have to find other routes to go to the link which is kind of a very bad user experience. You may see user attrition when you have a broken link in your email. A very minor mistake can become a huge cost for your organization or team. So it is very important that we test the links in our email to check whether they are working fine and going wherever it is intended to go.

2. Mobile Device Compatibility

More and more people are now checking emails on their mobile devices most of the time. It has become a norm for emails to be compatible with mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile compatible email UI, you would be losing on a great number of customers. It is not just losing customers, but also you lose your reputation as a brand. Hence it is very important that you check the emails on a mobile device before sending them out.

3. Different Email Client Compatibility

Your customers might use different email clients to check their emails as per their choice. Even though a huge market share might be for one particular email client, it is very important that we make sure that our email is supported in all the major email clients. Otherwise, we would be losing a part of our customers and also like in mobile compatibility, our reputation as well. 

4. Blacklisting and Spam Check

We do all the hard work and we create beautiful applications only to see nobody using them properly as the emails are getting delivered to the spam folder. This is a very frequent scenario that happens to every development team. The most difficult thing in the email space is to make sure that your email reaches the inbox of the intended recipient. Hence it is very important to check that the contents of our email are not spammy in nature and also the domain we are using to send emails is not blacklisted by any of the email clients. This is a very important check as this will cost you if you don’t reach the customer’s inbox.

5. SMTP Server Error

Many times I have seen some transactions with an email sending functionality failing because the email sending function is not asynchronous with the other functions. Ie. if the email sending fails, the whole transaction fails which is not an ideal situation. This might be due to some error from the email server or due to various other reasons. We need to test the system for such behaviors as well so that our customers get the best experience from our applications.

Email testing is a very important process in the application testing cycle and it is overlooked by many developers and testers. In some cases, emails are the only medium by which we communicate with our customers. It is like the face of the application and hence we need to make sure that the emails that are sent out from our systems are perfect. Mailnest is a tool that will help developers and the QA team to make sure that the emails are perfect before sending them out to the real world.

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